At SHEMROCK, the curriculum is designed & developed to fit the requirements, interests, abilities & learning styles of the child rather than the vice-versa. As a result, our SHEMROCKites are the center of our educational process & system. The entire school Programme is designed to enhance the social, emotional, spiritual, physical, motor and cognitive development of each child.


The teaching – learning approach at SHEMROCK Hills focuses on the requirements, interests, abilities & different learning styles of the children. Our SHEMROCKites are at the center of our educational process & system. We provide a carefully planned & structured environment to foster the all-round development of our children.

To make the transition from home to school, easier, we have a special ‘Welcome Room’ for our children. Children are allowed to get comfortable in this Welcome Room till they become familiar with the surroundings and the teachers.


For education at school to be effective, the environment needs to be conducive to learning, allowing the child the required space and time to interact within the learning and teaching process. Our schools are thus, especially designed to create and maintain a stimulating learning environment where children can actively participate, grow & learn in a natural way.


To supplement the learning material, we have special edition books, customized workbooks, activity based writing books, educational CDs etc. exclusively designed, developed & made available for our SHEMROCKites. These learning materials are carefully implemented by our capable teachers using our detailed, comprehensive & child-centered lesson plans which are researched, designed & developed centrally at the Head Office for the benefit of both our teachers and children.