Independence Day Celebrations at SHEMROCK Hills

Independence Day Celebrations at SHEMROCK Hills

Independence Day is observed on 15th August annually. This day is holds great importance for India

as it marks the nation’s independence from the British Empire. It is a day when people pay homage to

the leaders who fought for India’s independence in the past. The President of India delivers the

“Address to the Nation” on Independence Day eve and India’s Prime Minister unfolds India’s National

flag and delivers a speech at the Red Fort in Old Delhi. Kite flying is observed all over the country

symbolising India’s free spirit.

Nothing is more soothing and relaxing than independence and liberty. At SHEMROCK Hills,

Independence Day was a beautiful affair this year not because the celebration was on a large scale

but because children actively participated in the Independence Day activities. They enjoyed their

freedom through singing, dancing, and other activities. Sweets were distributed amongst the students.

To keep alive the flame of patriotism, students performed a patriotic dance and sang songs that

revealed the importance of the day and awakened everyone’s feelings towards our motherland.

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