Grandparents Day Celebration at SHEMROCK HILLS

Grandparents Day Celebration at SHEMROCK HILLS

Grandparents Day is celebrated every year in the month of September. It is not only an exciting way

to make a difference in the education industry and raise grandparent consciousness in schools but

also a great way to help children value and learn the importance of their grandparents in their life.

Grandparents are the root of our family. They are our heritage and essential members of our families.

Therefore, a special day, the National Grandparents Day is set aside every year to honour them. At

SHEMROCK Wonderworld, we organised activities for the children where they spent quality time with

their grandparents in school.

Activities such as dancing, singing songs, poems expressing love & respect and drawing cards

wishing “Happy Grandparents Day” were organised at the school which gave us the chance to

celebrate this day in a beautiful and memorable way.

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